Terms of advertising


Website simuni-pag.com is owned by IT company Webedit. By publishing your ad on Simuni-Pag.com you accept the terms of advertising.

Advertiser (person who submit ad) is a owner of accommodation facility and it is fully responsible for the information (texts and images) that are posted on this site and ensures their accuracy. Simuni-pag.com is not in any way responsable for accuracy of information in ad.

Simuni-pag.com's administrator can change information in ad if the need arises. This can happen in the following cases: when the description of facilitiy in the ad is wrong and/or incomplete, when the text or image in ad violates copyrights and/or other intellectual property rights, when an image or text in ad can cause damage and/or in any way infringe the intellectual property rights, when the text or image in ad contains discriminatory, contrary to public morals and/or contrary to Croatian law, illegal and prohibited materials, or when the ad is questionable in terms of advertising illegal accommodation services.

The administrator is required to correct all defects at the website and to maintain a web portal, in terms of maintenance as promotion and availability of the portal. Advertisers are required to submit the correct information and keep them up to date or notify the administrator if any change occures and to pay a fee for the selected service package.

Contact of advertiser and interested visitors is achieved via email or contact information specified in the ad (phone or other) by owner himself. Simuni-pag.com is not in any way involved in the process of booking accommodations.

Advertising Service on simuni-pag.com, while it is in the development phase (beta), is free. Owner of the simuni-pag.com (IT Company Webedit) reserves the right to publish ad.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us by email info@simuni-pag.com or phone 098 686 992.

In Kolan, 2014